Louis Silverstein's H.D. Chronology: Introduction

As Louis Silverstein wrote in Planting the Seeds: Selections from the H.D. Chronology, "The H.D. Chronology is a "work in progress" being compiled by Louis H. Silverstein with the assistance, contribution, and encouragement of numerous H.D. scholars. Additional comments, corrections, and contributions will be greatly appreciated." Louis published selections from the Chronology during his lifetime, and through the kind permission of Monty Montee, his working files of the Chronology are now being made available online.

Monty Montee sent the files to me in their original Nota Bene format. I converted them to Word for Windows, and then tagged them in very simple HTML for presentation on the Web. I have corrected some typos, but I'm afraid that here and there some formatting has been lost; for example, what may have been in italics in the original is not in italics here. There are also some characters that I believe were diacritics in Nota Bene, but have not translated well; I have left them as is, since I don't know the original name or word. In some instances, I believe the symbol indicating British pounds (£) has been translated as a question mark, e.g., ?100 rather than £100, but have left them as is, since I don't know this for certain. I would sincerely appreciate any help others can offer in correcting words that should have diacritics, etc. Also, if searching the text of the Chronology (e.g., with your browser's "find"), keep in mind that the same people were mentioned in different ways; e.g., Richard Aldington may be mentioned as "Aldington," "Richard," "R.A.," etc., and often refers to H.D. as "Dooley."

I have also tried to keep added notes obvious and at a minimum; anything I have added is indented and indicated as an editorial note. I would like to incorporate others' contributions to the Chronology in a similar manner, so that the document can continue to grow, while preserving Louis' original work. Although I never met Louis in person, I was fortunate to correspond with him and to discuss the possibility of making the Chronology available online. I'm afraid the format isn't as polished as the published versions of the Chronology, but I haven't changed the presentation of the text, and have tried to keep it as close to his original working document as possible, so that my inadvertent errors are kept to a minimum.

With gratitude to Monty Montee for his very kind and generous permission to make the Chronology available,
H. Hernandez

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