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The H.D. Newsletter was published between 1987 and 1991 by the Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture, and edited by Eileen Gregory. The tables of contents of each issue are listed below with the kind permission of Ms. Gregory. Links are provided to selected articles which have been made available on the web through the kind permission of their authors.

Tables of Contents

Note: The complete range of pages for an article is only listed for the last article in the volume, since the ranges of other articles may be inferred.

Volume : Issue No. (Date) Author Title Pages
1:1 (Spring 1987) Silvia Dobson The _H.D. Newsletter_ Astrological Chart p.4

Cassandra Laity A Reading of Star Maps, H.D./HDN p.5

Louis Silverstein The H.D. Papers at Yale University p.7

Ann Friedberg The POOL Films: What They Are, Where They Are, How to See Them p.10

Susan Stanford Friedman H.D. Chronology: Composition and Publication of Volumes [Publication of Volumes by H.D. since 1970] p.12 [p.16]

Emily Mitchell Wallace Hilda Doolittle at Friends' Central School in 1905 p.17

Eileen Gregory Ovid and "Thetis" (_Hymen_ version) p.29

Gary Burnett H.D. and Lawrence: Two Allusions p.32-35
1:2 (Winter 1987) Louis Silverstein Nicknames and Acronyms Used by H.D. and Her Circle p.4

Seating Plan on Stage: The American Academy of Arts and Letters, May 25, 1960 p.6

H.D. An Unpublished Poem: "To H.C.T.D." p.8

D. Bruce Ogilvie H.D. and Hugh Dowding p.9

Virginia Smyers H.D.'s Books in the Bryher Library p.18

Sylvia Dobson Cloud of Memories: Books H.D. Shared with Me, 1934-1960 p.26

Charlotte Mandel H.D.'s "Projector II" and Chang, a Film of the Jungle p.42

David Roessel H.D. and Lawrence: Two More Allusions p.46-50
2:1 (Spring 1988) Robert Duncan A Note on _The H.D. Book_ p.6

Rachel Blau DuPlessis For Duncan p.8

David Bergman The Economics of Influence: Gift Giving in H.D. and Robert Duncan p.11

Robert Bertholf Publication of the Work of Robert Duncan [Published Segments of _The H.D. Book_] p.17 [p.18]

Chris Brown A Filmography for H.D. p.19

Errata to "H.D.'s Books in the Bryher Library" p.25

Michael Boughn The Bibliographic Record of Reviews of H.D.'s Works p.27

Martha Nell Smith Not Each in Isolation p.48-51
2:2 (Winter 1988) Louis Silverstein Planting the Seeds: Selections from the _H.D. Chronology_ p.4

R.J. Schoeck Listening to Stones: Reflections on H.D.'s _The Walls Do Not Fall_ p.15

Susan Stanford Friedman The Writing Cure: Transference and Resistance in a Dialogic Analysis p.25

Dianne Chisholm H.D. and the Making of a Woman('s) Writer p.36

Rachel Blau DuPlessis DuPlessis discusses Chisholm p.44-47
3:1 H.D. Speech of Acceptance to the American Academy of Arts and Letters p.4

Bryher Eros of the Sea p.7

Diana Collecott H.D.'s "Gift of Greek," Bryher's "Eros of the Sea" p.11

Virginia L. Smyers "Classical" Books in the Bryher Library p.15

Caroline Zilboorg H.D. and R.A.: Early Love and the Exclusion of Ezra Pound p.26

Robert Spoo "Authentic Sisters:" H.D. and Margaret Cravens p.35

Eileen Gregory H.D.'s Volume of Dickinson's Poems: and, a Note on Candor and Iniquity p.44-46
3:2 Chris Brown H.D. and Rummel's _Songs for Children_: A Lyrical Collaboration p.4

H.D. and Walter Rummel Songs for Children p.12

Jayne Marek Bryher and _Close Up_, 1927-1933 p.27

David Roessel H.D.'s Troy: Some Bearings p.38

Robert Babcock H.D.'s "Pursuit" and Sappho p.43-47
4:1 Henry L. Williams H.D.'s Moravian Heritage p.4

Jane Augustine _The Mystery_ Unveiled: The Significance of H.D.'s "Moravian" Novel p.9

Donna Krolik Hollenberg, Louis Silverstein The Challenges of Editing the H.D.-Pearson Correspondence p.18

Jerry Clack Helen in Vienna p.27

Shannon Hengen H.D.'s _Prosodie a clef_: Saint-John Perse and _Hermetic Definition_ p.32-36
4:2 Giles Goodland Omitted Passages from H.D.'s _The Flowering of the Rod_: Transcribed from the Manuscript Notebook p.4

Susan Edmunds "Sealing from _muddies body_:" H.D. and Melanie Klein p.17

Robert Spoo H.D.'s Dating of _Asphodel_: A Reassessment p.31

Zara Bruzzi Hieroglyphs of Landscape in H.D.'s Early Work (1916-1922) p.41-51

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